How To Get The Best Adult Webcam Show

Let me tell you how to get the best adult webcam show. You have to know that you won't get the same quality webcam chat with every girl. You have to pick and choose by yourself. And the choice is sometimes not obvious. There are alot of girls that are simply lazy and want exactly the oposite than you, they want to get the most money with the least work. And by work i mean anything, first of all some are too lazy and hesitant to even get undressed and show anything. They will typically just try to talk and ask you stupid questions when they actually dont want to know the answer. They will just play for time. So how do you avoid these girls? I will tell you which ones to not take to the private chat and I'll give you tips about who to search for or how to know which ones are the best webcam performers.

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There are 3 types of girls to look for! The amazing webcam pros. The newbies. And the desperate. And I recommend them exactly in this order.

You will know you are in a chatroom with An Amazing Pro right when you enter. The amazing pro will always be a win, just because they are good at what they do. She will be active, she will dance and move around or she will talk and write alot and generally interact as much as possible. This one will occasionally grant a wish in free chat. But i dont mean getting naked for free, she will show her feet/butt(covered)/blow you a kiss/show you her biggest dildo and so on. It's the type of girl that is experienced in the world of adult webcams and she will act like it. Basically, girls that are often featured in the "Awards" section will be your typical amazing pros. You can find the "Awards" section here. Chances are that she will be a bit more expensive, but you should definitely get your moneys worth. Pros also have fairly regular schedules so you will be able to find the girl often if you want another great webcam show.

Why should you care about The Newbie girl? She will most likely want to do good at her new "job" and is inexperienced and most probably thinks that if she doesn't do what you want the site will fire her. It's not always completely obvious which girls are newbies and it depends on several factors if you will have a good time or if the webcam chat will suck. I'll try to explain. First lets explain how to spot a newbie. This webcam site has a feature called girl "On Sale". After you Signup and Login you will be able to enable a search filter, aptly named "On Sale". Then you will be able to see all girls "On Sale", which actually means that their rate is just 0.99 per minute. Usually pretty girls that are "On Sale" are newbies. THe ugly ones you can disregard for now, those are probably the very desperate ones. Another way to look for newbies is just to look for girls that have no profile picture (the "NEW MODEL" dummy picture). Or girls that have a very small amount of ratings (you can find out by clicking on the "i" icon in the live chat window) and a low amount of members are inside their chat room. The next step is to find out if the private chat will be good or bad. You should first check if the girls per minute rate is more than 1.99. In case it is, i think it's not even worth the try or the girl is not a newbie and could be just a new webcam performer on this site. The next thing to look for is again the will to communicate, chat and do little things for you in free chat. And if the girl talks to guests she is also the right one for you.

And last but not least The Desperate girls. What is so good about the desperate girl? Simple, she needs money and is not getting it, so she will be obedient and will do whatever you want just to get that extra bit of cash. The most desperate are the "On Sale" ugly girls. I dont know if you want to go down that road but if it's your fetish or you dont mind i think the ugly "On Sale" will do anything you ask for. I'll just keep that for your imagination. Another way to find desperate girls is to search for girls that have "Anal Sex" in their "willingness" information together with just about any other willingness you can think of. That just means they will do anything to get a little bit of money. Of course the desperate girl should not cost you more than 1.99 per minute. The next strategy for finding a desperate girl is to just keep scrolling down the site and loading new girls, the logic is that this webcam site will give you the most popular girls first and the least popular girls last. The least popular girls are many times also the most desperate. Also the milfs are oftentimes desperate because nobody wants to see their shaggy boobs. So if that's your cup of coffee, go ahead. And again what was previously said applies, the girls that are willing to chat alot and talk or they visibly try to enertain you are the best picks.

And which ones should you avoid?

Avoid girls that are working out of a Studio. A Studio is a place with several thugs/admins that are pimping webcam girls and taking some percentage of the money. The girls are usually not very motivated. There may be more than one physicall in a room (you wont see the others, sometimes you may hear them), which means they may be hesitant to do some things because of the other performer is present, or will be much more interested in talking with the other girl instead of doing the stuff you want her to do. You can spot Studio girls by hearing other girls voice in the background, and most commonly by really distasteful and very artificial surroundings. Basically the room will not look like someones bedroom but will just look like some "sex place". Avoid at all costs.

Other thing to avoid are girls that don't show their face in free chat. This one is obvious (i think). Basically if she is not showing her face, she must be really ugly or there is something fishy going on.

Next thing to look for and avoid are girls that only shit like "dancing" in their willingness information on the profile ("i" in live chat). These will just want to chat for money and will avoid doing anything for you. So unless you are willing to pay for nothing, avoid them.

I would recommend you to basically avoid any girl that does not fit into one of the above "look for" categories. Always keep in mind what you want during a private show and never hesitate to immediately cancel the show and save your precious money, i guarantee you will find a better show just around the corner. So avoid wasting money.

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